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Chicken water line pressure valve for feed water line accessories


Modell: MT-water line pressure valve


Chicken water line pressure valve for feed water line accessories

 Liaocheng Motong is dedicated to the poultry farm equipment with automatic poultry equipment,floor feeding system equipment,poultry house construction steel structure housing ,environment control system ,slaughter equipment,feed
machinery,hatching machine,and other connecting products.Create a turnkey farm construction experts.
Motong equipment have rooted in every corner of the world,has a large number of poultry farmers built a modern star farm.We believe MT group will spread his wide arms to realize more better technical breakthrough and service well every customer.


Advantage of automatic water pressure regulator
1.Large flow of automatic water supply
Regulator design with oversized intake flow regulator, the regulator is currently used by more than the amount of water increased by 50%
2.Automatic washing
Designed to automatically flush and two-way combination of automatic water valve, when rotated to wash stalls, can automatically internal regulator inlet and rinse thoroughly, rinse after rotation to shift to automatic voltage regulator water supply
3.Fast Supply Water
When the waterline need a quick supply, rotary valves can be combined to wash stalls, doubling the amount of water flow rate is increased several times, the water in the water line will quickly reach the end of the waterline, so timely synchronized poultry drinking water
4.Automatic control
Automatic control, reduce labor intensity, closed water supply, clean, reliable, easy to install, easy to use
Frame to connect cage       Frame to hung water tank nipple drinker                                          Water pipe                              Water tank                                 Trough for feeding                    clips for install cage                Pliers for install cage                      
method of application 1.The work / recoil handle is rotated to adjust the working condition, the rotating pressure adjustment handle, you can adjust the water pressure
2.Water level indicator tube to increase or decrease the water level every 100mm, nipple drinkers will increase or decrease the amount of water 8-10ml / min
3.The work / recoil handle is rotated to adjust the recoil state, and open a terminal valve, you can flush the pipeline.
shipping service
1:LCL:First packed with plastic film then on the pallets
2:FCL:Nude packing
3:Other special package as coustomer requirements.

Thank you for you view our products, any question about poultry farm equipment for sale don't hesitate to contact us, we will offer the best service to you definitely.

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